Saturday, December 29, 2007

Numerous organized London to Paris cycle rides in 2008

London to Paris organized cycle rides for 2008 there is plenty of choice, different routes covered and variety of charities to support. To my knowledge all are carried out for charity with a minimum amount to be raised in the order of £1000 depending on the charity. The charities are varied from children to raising funds to help identify potential treatments or cures for an array of illnesses for example from asthma, MS to cancers.

Examples of organisations that are offering London to Paris rides are , ,, , , ,,,,,,

I'm riding and more importantly raising funds for Action Medical Research I'm a research scientist and every day I'm looking to identify potential treatments to cure or at least improve quality of life. However, the ability for me to make an impact on people's health is a long term process, many years of research. However, the work of Action Medical Research has a more immediate impact than my day to day job helping for example supplying appropriate equipment to support premature babies through fundraising effects peoples life's in the relative short term. Action Medical Research played a crucial role in developing the polio vaccine in the UK, ultrasound scanning in pregnancy, hip replacement surgery and more. Touching Tiny Lives is the charity's major campaign to help sick and vulnerable babies. Action Medical Research aim to raise £3 million for vital new research to help prevent premature birth and life-threatening pregnancy complications and to develop better treatments for babies who require special care. Being a father of 4 healthy girls I couldn't contemplate the heart wrenching feeling of helpless if one of my daughters was ill during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Therefore as a father and research scientist I'll be raising funds for Action Medical Research. Supporting their work Touching Tiny Lives I feel that I can help provide medical solutions indirectly for an almost an immediate impact through my fundraising compared to the long term efforts of my research, which may indeed never succeed.

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