Sunday, January 20, 2008

London to Paris 2008 Calpe training camp cont.

London to Paris training camp in Calpe so far has been fantastic. Only a 2 and half hour flight from a wet and cold London to 20 degrees C and wonderful sun! Of late, I of have been focussing on base training with long runs under a 150 bpm however, last night I really felt the difference of the additional 10C on my heart rate. Went out for a liesurely, 12K run and keeping my heart rate below 150 bpm had me slow down significantly. Interestingly, was it the flight or the heat or even the terrain, as at home I run predominately around the flat coast line between Sandwich and Deal. However, this morning's run I felt much better and 16 K in 1 hr 15 min, I was able to complete with an average heart rate of 150 bpm. So last night I'll but down to may be the heat and the flight. Alterantively within 12 hours I've been able to physiologically adapt to the weather, possibly a mixture of the two. Off to check out the mountains now.

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